With whose help is Hamas able to withstand Israel even after 3 weeks?

Help is Hamas able to withstand Israel: Even after October 7, the world not only heard the name of Hamas but also saw the evidence of its barbarity. It saw the brutality whose mere imagination makes a person shudder. The world is divided into two factions regarding the war between Israel and Hamas.

Israel Hamas war Al Qassam Brigades terrorist organization still on the battlefield after 3 weeks:

The question is, is Hamas a terrorist organization or an army protecting its land? The question is also that it is on Israel, who is the brain behind the attack? Who is behind the deep wound given to Israel? Well, 21 days have passed since the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Both sides are attacking each other. Meanwhile, a name is trending a lot ‘Al Qassam Brigade’.

Al Qassam is the unit of Hamas that attacks Israel. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, created this unit in 1991.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel Like the army of any country, Hamas has created its own two units. These three units are – the military wing i.e.

Al Qassam Brigade, the social service wing i.e. Dawa and the media wing of Hamas, which handles the operation of Aqsa TV and Al Fateh magazine. Al Qassam did not even give Israel a chance to take charge.

Despite its small population and area, Israel is considered a very strong country. There is no answer to Israel’s technology, weapons, military capability and intelligence. But a handful of Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, due to which Israel did not even get a chance to take control.

By the time Israel retaliated, the Hamas terrorists had gone back after completing their entire work. He attacked simultaneously from sky, water and land. This dreadful conspiracy has been carried out by the most dreaded brigade of Hamas, ‘Al Qassam’.

These three people have given Israel an unforgettable wound

After the attack on Israel on October 7, everyone is talking about Hamas, but three people are hidden behind this action of Hamas, which include Ismail Hania, Mohammad Daef and Marwan Isha. These three people have given Israel an unforgettable wound.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel Ismail Haniya is the head of Hamas, while Daef is the al-Qassam Brigades chief and Marwan Isha is the deputy chief of the al-Qassam Brigades.

Mohammed Deif has been on the top of Israel’s ‘most wanted’ list for many years. It is Gaza’s Al Qassam Brigade that has made Israel cry tears of blood.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel According to reports, after getting help from Iran, Hamas has not only prepared underground Rather, underground factories have also been built, where rockets and drones are made on a large scale. The weapons that are not made for Hamas are brought by sea

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After all, why is Israel not able to eliminate Hamas?

If reports are to be believed, it is because of Al Qassam that Hamas has been facing Israel for the last 21 days. There are thirty thousand boys in Al Qassam. help is Hamas able to withstand IsraelThis includes Naqab Force, Naval Commando, Rocket Brigade, Underground Team and Air Wing.

Al Qassam’s most prominent ‘Rocket Brigade’ also has several brigades – such as Rafah Brigade, Khan Younis Brigade, Central Brigade, Gaza Brigade and Northern Gaza Strip Brigade, which are fighting the war.

Al Qassam is the brigade that carried out several major attacks against the Israeli people from 1994 to 2000. Al Qassam works like a well-organized organization.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel It is said that just as the army of a country works to carry out an oppression, in the same way Al Qassam also becomes a strategy, after which its sons carry it out.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel Al Qassam has divided its wing into 4 units.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel These four units are given rigorous training so that they can fight in any situation.

Al Qassam has divided its wing into 4 units

Al Qassam’s missile unit is very skilled, but the air and drone units were specially prepared for this war. On October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, in some pictures Hamas boys were seen firing from paraglides. These boys were terrorists of the Airborne Unit.

These fighter planes were seen with the Air Force Falcon squadron badge.

According to America’s intelligence agency CIA, Al-Qasim’s sons make weapons. They use rockets and drones which they have mastered in making.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel According to Israel Defense, the boys of Al Qassam Brigade make rockets from pipes.help is Hamas able to withstand Israel IDF had also shared a video related to this. Working with Al Qassam Brigade Islamic State i.e. ISIS is not dangerous

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