Wife conspired to murder husband, husband foiled it, you will be surprised

Conspired to murder husband In Texas, America, a man created a false story of killing himself. Because his wife had planned his murder. The husband’s body was found by an FBI agent.

American wife conspired to murder her husband

That too in a remote desert area where this thing has come to light. That the victim was brutally murdered.conspired to murder husband A bullet is found next to his head. The boxer shorts of the blood-soaked body are removed. hands are tied

Ramon Sosa later shared his story with the world. In which he tells that he never thought that after a few years of marriage, he would be forced to fake his death to escape his wife’s evil plan. Before the agents can take photographs of the body, something strange happens. Ramon who was the father of 3 children. His horrifying story was not like any serial.

Revealed his life in shoe

Ramon revealed about himself in a show.conspired to murder husband 54 year old Ramon told how he had to fake his death. His life had become like one long sequence. When he did not get along with his wife, he chose the path of murder instead of divorcing her.

An attempt to murder was made by paying 14 thousand dollars to a betel nut killer. But now he is in jail and I am alive. I was saddened to learn about my wife’s plan. Ramon is a boxing coach who was previously divorced

They have three children, Michelle, 31, Kris, 29, and Mia, now 26.conspired to murder husband In 2007, he met 34-year-old Maria Lula at a nightclub in Houston, Texas.

She preferred to be called Lulu, she was also a divorced mother of two. She was fit, we both had children, we had an affair and we got married on 6 July 2010 in the court house.

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Found out on the wedding day, he was my problem.

On the day of the wedding, Lulu’s mother hugs her and says that now this is your problem. Actually, this was a warning to me.conspired to murder husband After marriage, Lulu got American citizenship and both of them opened a boxing gym. The first three years of marriage were the honeymoon period.

Enjoy life. Jim had a good relationship with former member Mundo, whom Ramon had previously trained and helped the pair.conspired to murder husband Ramon said that he was like her third son and it felt like everything was going well. After this he separated from his wife and then the wife conspired to commit murder.

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