When darkness subsides in Gaza, people go out like crazy in search of dead bodies

When darkness subsides in Gaza: After continuous attacks from Israel, more than 8,000 people have died in Gaza so far, the situation is getting worse

People of Gaza searching for bodies of relatives

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Air and ground attacks on Gaza from Israel have intensified. Israel has now termed the war as the second phase of action.When darkness subsides in Gaza Israel said this step is to eliminate Hamas. However, in the meantime a poignant news has come to light

Till yesterday, more than 8,000 people have lost their lives in Israeli air strikes in Gaza. It is being said that among those killed, the number of children and women is high.When darkness subsides in Gaza According to the news agency, when darkness subsides in Gaza, people start looking for their loved ones. They set out, thinking that their dead bodies might be found.

Civil order completely collapsed in Gaza Strip

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According to Reuters reports, the United Nations has also warned that Palestinians are also struggling for food.When darkness subsides in Gaza After nearly three weeks of war with Hamas militants and a siege of densely populated coastal Gaza, civil order is collapsing.

However, fighting between Israel and Hamas has intensified since Friday night as the Israeli army intensified ground operations in Gaza.When darkness subsides in Gaza Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described this action as the second phase of the war to crush Hamas.

Gaza resident Shaban Ahmed told Reuters he worked as an engineer. He has five children. He has called the Israeli attack a genocide

He told the agency that on Sunday I learned that my cousin was killed in the airstrike on his house on Friday.When darkness subsides in Gaza Ahmed said that his brother had stayed there after Israel’s warning to evacuate the southern area of Gaza.

Hundreds of people like Ahmed are searching for dead bodies

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He told that Israel has cut us off from the world to destroy us. We are hearing explosions every minute. Although Israel’s chief military spokesman has declined to say whether Israel was behind the telecommunications blackout,

But he has said he will do whatever is necessary to protect his forces. Ahmed said that there are hundreds of people like us who are searching for their loved ones in the debris after the attacks.

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8005 people have died so far in Gaza

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Let us tell you that after the Hamas attack on Southern Israel on October 7, Israel carried out air strikes on Gaza. Israeli officials had said that it was the deadliest attack in the country’s 75-year history, in which 1,400 Israeli civilians were killed simultaneously. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry in Gaza said that a total of 8005 people have died here since October 7.

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