US YouTuber sentenced to 20 years in California for intentionally causing plane crash for views

US YouTuber People will do anything to get social media likes, shares, and views. All of the sites, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, have competitions for this kind of madness. US YouTuber In the meantime, a strange case has come to light in the United States. Where a YouTuber crashed his plane in order to get more hits on his channel.

In America, a strange story has come to light. In this video, an American YouTuber crashed one of his planes on purpose so he could get more likes and comments. US YouTuber In this case, the American YouTuber was found to be guilty. US YouTuber When the authorities heard about what happened, they opened a case and began an investigation. US YouTuber However, the accused tried to stop their investigation and give them false information.

US YouTuber sentenced to 20 years in California

US YouTuber sentenced to 20 years in California for intentionally causing plane crash for views

People say that the American man who crashed his plane for views is very pricey. After the plane crash, the American man has more problems to deal with. US YouTuber US officials said Thursday that a YouTuber who crashed his plane on purpose to get more views could face up to 20 years in prison.

Mishap with own plane

In November 2021, Trevor Daniel Jacob, an American YouTuber from California who is 29 years old, put this video on YouTube. US YouTuber For this flight, he flew alone in a Taylorcraft BL-65 from an airport in California to a spot near the Los Padres National Forest, where the plane crashed after 35 minutes of flying. After taking off, he planned to jump out of the plane and land safely on the ground with a parachute. US YouTuber However, his plane crashed. When the plane crashed, he tried to get the camera footage and, seeing the chance, hid the plane’s wreckage.

31 million views video

The American YouTuber has admitted, according to a story in The Guardian, that he did this strange thing to get more views. Trevor Jacob is the name of the American man who crashed his plane.

The report says that this person crashed his plane and then cleaned up the accident scene. He was found guilty of blocking a government investigation because he did this. Please tell them that the video of Trevor’s plane crash has been watched on YouTube more than 31,000,001 times.

US YouTuber sentenced to 20 years in California for intentionally causing plane crash for views

lies to the people looking into the case

Two days later, the YouTuber told the National Transportation Safety Board about the crash and agreed to show where it happened. But he told the police he didn’t know where the plane had crashed, and about two weeks later he found a friend. came to the scene, loaded up the wreckage, and then blew it up. CNN says that about a month after the crash, he put a video on YouTube called “I Crashed My Plane” that showed the crash and Jacob jumping out of the plane.

Lie about the car stopping

Reports say that after he filed a report about a plane crash, he told federal agents something that wasn’t true: that the plane had to make a forced landing about half an hour after takeoff. He said that there was no other way to land, so he had to jump out of the plane.

given a 20-year sentence

Last year, the FAA took away Jacob’s pilot’s license. He is currently pleading guilty and will likely do so officially in Los Angeles in the next few weeks. He will be punished at a later time. Even though he is now serving a 20-year prison term for doing this.

The permission of Jacob will be taken away.

After Jacob’s plane crashed, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took away his license. In December of 2021, the American man flew a single-engine plane into the Los Padres National Forest in California.

US YouTuber sentenced to 20 years in California for intentionally causing plane crash for views

The American who put up the video on YouTube called it “I Crash My Plane.” After the plane crashes, Jacob uses a parachute to jump out of the plane that is still in the air. Then Jacob said that something was wrong with the plane. He was also holding a selfie stick at the time. Aside from this, there were also cameras in different parts of the plane.

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