US market was shocked by employment figures, Dow Jones was almost flat and Gold prices boom

Global Market Updates: The US market is under pressure because of the bad news about jobs. The Dow Jones isn’t going up or down. Gold and silver are doing very well because people are talking about a slowdown.

Global Market Updates: In March, there was bad news about jobs, which is putting pressure on the US market. Due to the rapid rise in interest rates and the banking problem, investors are starting to worry that the US economy is moving quickly towards a recession. The Dow Jones has gained 32 points and is almost trading flat. The Nasdaq is down by almost 100 points, and the S&P 500 is down by 0.25 percent.

Outlook challenging of the world’s largest bank

In the Annual Shareholders Letter, J.P. Dimon, who is in charge of J.P. Morgan Chase, said that the outlook for the world’s biggest bank (based on market cap) is not good. He said that the banking problem needs to be handled in a better way. Aside from that, America’s exports were $ 251.2 billion in February, which was less than the $ 258.1 billion it sent abroad in January. Compared to January, when imports were $326.7 billion, they were $321.7 billion. The trade imbalance was $70.5 billion. In January, it was $68.7 billion.

US market was shocked: image source – google

Condition of european market

Talking about the global market, UK’s FTSE is trading with a strength of half a percent. France’s CAC is trading with a decline of about 0.20 percent. Germany’s bluechip index DAX is trading with a decline of about half a percent. Germany’s industrial order has remained strong.

Latest gold and silver rates

The price of Brent crude is down below $ 85 per barrel. The price of gold in the international market is at the level of $ 2041 per ounce. The price of silver has crossed the level of $ 25 per ounce. In the domestic market, gold on MCX is trading at a level of Rs 60913 per ten grams with a fall of Rs 41. Silver is down by Rs 92 at the level of Rs 74526 per kg. The 10-year US bond yield is down 1.5 per cent at 3.28 per cent. The dollar index is flat at 101.3.

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