Taiwan-China Conflict: America said – will help you to strengthen the army Chinese army is present on the border of Taiwan

Taiwan-China Conflict Pledged to provide training for Taiwan’s armed forces and help expedite arms deliveries. Furious China has started military exercises around the island for 3 days. A senior American lawmaker gave this information on Saturday.

Taipei, Agency. China began military exercises in Taiwan: Incensed by the Taiwanese President’s visit to the US, China has announced to perform Chinese military exercises again. Taiwan-China Conflict At the same time, now a senior US lawmaker has expressed commitment to training Taiwan’s military and expediting the delivery of weapons.Taiwan-China Conflict Let us tell you that China has started military exercises for 3 days around the island.

Taiwan-China Conflict: America said – will help you to strengthen

China has made this announcement at a time when Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has recently returned from the US tour. In America, he had met the speaker of the United States House, after which China was furious and expressed its anger towards Taiwan.

Tsai returned from Taiwan

In this military exercise, China will practice its fighter planes around Taiwan’s waters and in the north, south and east of Taiwan as per the plan. Through this exercise, China wants to show Taiwan its military strength as well as warn of war again.

China furious over Tsai’s meeting with McCarthy

Let us tell you that Tsai had met the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy (U.S. House of Representatives), which angered Beijing.Taiwan-China Conflict At the same time, when Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen returned to Taipei from Los Angeles, China announced a military exercise the very next day.

During a luncheon hosted by Tsai in Taipei for her bipartisan delegation, Michael McCaul, chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he was supportive of Taiwan and that it was important that such democracies stand together. Be

I will supply arms to Taiwan – McCall

He said that as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I sign off on all foreign military sales, including weapons to Taiwan, and I promise you, Madam Speaker, that we will deliver those weapons.

Taiwan has complained since last year of delays in deliveries of US weapons, such as Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, as several manufacturers are supplying weapons to Ukraine to fight and defend itself in the war against Russia. Were.

Will train the army for peace – McCall

“We are doing everything we can in Congress to expedite this sale and get the weapons we need to defend ourselves and we are training your military for peace, not war,” said Republican McCaul. Will give

The United States has offered Taiwan to strengthen its military and weapon systems to protect against attack by the China People’s Liberation Army.

Taiwanese fighter pilots are taking training in the US

Some Taiwanese fighter pilots are already training in the United States. At the same time, two US officials told Reuters in February that the United States is ready to help train Taiwan’s military to increase the number of troops.

Reuters reported in a report in 2021 that a small contingent of US special operations forces is training the army in Taiwan.

China considers Taiwan to be the most sensitive and important issue in its relations with the United States and has been a source of frequent confrontation between Beijing and Washington.

First meeting of Tsai and US speaker

Taiwan President Tsai Ing Wen met Chairman Kevin McCarthy of the US Lower House in California on Wednesday. This was the first time for a Taiwanese President to go to America and meet the US Speaker.

China had threatened about this that it would not be good if President Tsai Ing Wen met the American speaker. At the same time, the Biden administration said that there is nothing to provoke about Tsai’s visit. The visit just happened at a time when US-China relations have hit a historic low.

China was angry in August last year as well

China has laid siege to Taiwan in August last year as well. At that time, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the American House of Representatives, had arrived on a visit to Taiwan. Taiwan-China Conflict Even at that time, China had conducted war exercises here and was continuously intimidating Taiwan.

In this war exercise, China laid siege to Taiwan from sea to land and air. The Chinese army was using its most modern fighter jets to Hypersonic Missiles.

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