Super 30: Sad movie biography of Anand Kumar math magician

Super 30: Sad movie biography of Anand Kumar math magician:- The director of this film is Vikas Bahl. And Hrithik Roshan played an important role as an artist. Hrithik Roshan was named Anand Kumar in this film. Anand Kumar was a great mathematician. His lifestyle has been described in this film Super 30. This film was released in theaters on 12 July 2019. The life of Anand Kumar is very sad,

who was born in a poor family of Bihar. He was expert in mathematics since childhood. Anand Kumar completed his studies from BHU. After this, Anand Kumar gets admission in Cambridge University, but Anand Kumar was from a poor family and the government was not helping him, so due to financial constraints, his dream remained unfulfilled. After a lot of convincing, their parents agree. but they are afraid

How Anand Kumar decided to teach poor children – Super 30

One day his father told him that “A king’s son becomes a king.” Anand Kumar took this to heart and decided that today only the king’s son will become a king. Sad movie biography of Anand Kumar And then he decided to educate the children who wanted to study but could not study due to economic recession and he called all the children to him to teach them

and he opened an organization which he named ‘Super’. Kept 30” And he started giving IIT education to children. He took up the responsibility of providing free education and food to the children. And assured their parents that one day their children will make them famous in the world.After a lot of convincing, their parents agree. but they are afraid .

How Anand Kumar got mafia coaching stopped

Now the story goes into flashback. Once Anand Kumar felt that in the name of coaching, mafia people cheat the parents of their children in the name of education and the politicians also have influence over the coaching staff. Sad movie biography of Anand Kumar Once when Anand Kumar was selling papad, he met Lallan. He is the owner of a coaching institute and knows everything about Anand Kumar. Then Lallan offers him to join his coaching.

Anand Kumar was facing financial crisis, so he agreed and joined his coaching. By joining his coaching, the children had become crazy about him and Lallan’s coaching was no. 1 coaching was done. But when he came to know that only children from rich families get admission here, he left coaching. And opened his own coaching center. Due to which there was panic in the education business.And the coaching staff got a big shock. And everyone decided to stop Anand Kumar’s coaching.After a lot of convincing, their parents agree. but they are afraid

When Anand Kumar’s children secured first position in IIT

Lallan made many plans to destroy Anand Kumar’s coaching Super 30 but Anand Kumar stood firm and faced many difficulties and kept his coaching start. Even his house was demolished but he did not give up. Sad movie biography of Anand Kumar Despite so many difficulties, Anand Kumar faced all this. Seeing all this, the children of rich families also decided to come in Anand Kumar’s Super 30 and stopped Lallan’s coaching.

All the children participated in IIT under his coaching. And due to his coaching, 30 children got selected at India level and Anand Kumar got a new identity. And he became famous all over the world. In this way, these problems of his changed his life completely and he said that now he would no longer just be “a king’s son”.After a lot of convincing, their parents agree. but they are afraid

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