Palestine targets Jews at Russian airport, shocking attack

Russian airport: Palestine supporters stormed a Russian Dagestan airport as a plane landed. Palestine supporters attacked the passengers and asked the passengers, who among you is a Jew?

And let us tell you that Dagestan has the largest number of Muslims. And as soon as the people here came to know that a flight from Israel was going to land here, they reached the airport in the form of a crowd and attacked the passengers.

Russian mob searches Jewish passengers at Dagestan airport after Israeli plane lands

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According to reports, a flight from Israel’s capital Tel Aviv had come to Dagestan. On getting information about this, the people of Dagestan surrounded a hotel and started searching for the Jews, after which the Israeli passengers had to hide and take shelter at the airport due to fear of attack.

Local health officials said about 20 people among the fleeing Israelis were injured in the attack, two of whom are in serious condition.Russian airport Security personnel told Reuters that the passengers on board the plane were safe.

People seen with Palestine flag

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According to the information, hundreds of youth from Dagestan can be seen in the video posted on social media. Some youths were seen carrying Palestine flags.Russian airport Also, some youths had placards in their hands on which slogans condemning Israel were written.

Some placards carried by the rioters read, “We are against Jewish refugees.” Reports said that as part of the crowd, some youths were seen boarding planes parked at Makhachkala International Airport and some were seen breaking windows. .

As soon as the crowd reached near the plane coming from Israel, the airline staff pushed people inside the flight.Russian airport It is being told that Makhachkala airport was closed on Sunday evening after the attack by the mob.

It is being told that many posts were made on the social media platform Telegram.Russian airport In which it was said that a flight of Israeli refugees would arrive here from Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, after which people from Dagestan reached the airport.

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The Dagestan government said this is a gross violation of the law

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Meanwhile, the Dagestan government said early Monday it was strengthening security measures across the republic.Russian airport Dagestan head Sergei Melikov said the incident was a gross violation of the law.

Melikov said on Telegram that it is not right to wait like a crowd of unarmed people. On the other hand, Russia’s Aviation Authority said late on Sunday night that the crowd has been cleared from the airport.Russian airport

About 800 Jewish families live in Dagestan, most of which live in the southern city of Derbet. Let us tell you that some prominent figures in Dagestan have spoken out in support of Palestine and against the Israeli state since October 7.

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