Now Donald Trump can be arrested Manhattan’s jury took a big decision

Donald Trump difficulties have increased. An arrest warrant is also going to be issued against him, because the grand jury of Manhattan has agreed to run the case against him. With this, Donald Trump has become the first person who has been the supreme commander of the US forces and then an FIR has been lodged against him. Now Trump can also be arrested in this case. However, as soon as the case is registered, an arrest warrant will be issued, because it is according to American rules.

This decision of the Manhattan jury came after the statement of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, in which he said that it is too early to pronounce the verdict of acquittal of Donald Trump, because there is a lot against him.

He had given this statement only last week. However, in which case the case is being initiated against Donald Trump, its information has not been made public. But it is believed that this matter is related to porn star Stormy Daniels.

This case has increased the problems of Trump, the lawyer has eaten the air of jail

Let us tell you that Stormy Daniels had created a sensation by saying that there was a meeting with Donald Trump before his first election, in which Trump’s lawyer had given Stormy more than one lakh dollars and said that he was in Trump’s case.

I never open my mouth. In this case, Trump’s lawyer has eaten the air of jail. Trump’s team added the expenses of that money to the expenses of the legal team and hid information about it. But now this case is going to increase their difficulties.

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