Lover became murderer, gave such painful death to his own girlfriend, knowing this will shake your soul

Lover became murderer, gave such painful death to his own girlfriend During this occasion, the accused admitted to murdering Jacqueline and said she deserved the same.

Information given after murder, here is the case

A crazed boyfriend murdered his sweetheart. Following the crime, the accused told his relatives and stated that he deserved it. The issue is one of Scotland.

murdered his sweetheart

Accused Christopher Cook is currently incarcerated. On the night of January 16, this year, Christopher allegedly arrived at the home of his girlfriend, 54-year-old Jacqueline Kerr. After a disagreement about something, Christopher beat his girlfriend to death.

The accused attacked at this place, looks like an accident

The investigation found that the accused had struck his fiancée on the head and neck multiple times. Lover became murderer, gave such painful death to his own girlfriend Looking at the dead body, it appeared like she had been in a car accident. During the trial, Judge Lord Weir told the accused that he would be imprisoned for the rest of his life for his crime.

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Left writhing on the floor before fleeing

According to reports, accused Christopher Cook battered Jacqueline and then left her writhing on the bathroom floor. He then stormed out of the house and fled. However, the incident was revealed when Jacqueline’s friends arrived at her residence roughly 24 hours after the occurrence.

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Both of them met in 2022, what was the reason?

According to reports, the accused Christopher was spotted the next day in Aberdeen’s Bridge of Don neighborhood. During this period, Jacqueline’s nephew Kevin Kerr, who was present, was unintentionally apprehended. Kevin managed to alert the cops and keep him under control until they arrived.

met in 2022

According to the information, during this time, the accused admitted that he had slain Jacqueline and that she deserved the same. Christopher and Jacqueline are claimed to have met in Aberdeen in February 2022. The accused, Christopher Cook, will be punished next month, according to the police.

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