Know who predicted, when will the war hapand who will become the world leader

When will the war hapand Shani Dev has been very kind to India because India is considered a very prosperous country. Therefore, by July 2025, India will be on its way to becoming the world.

Shani Sade Sati Analysis:

Friends, in our Sanatan Dharma, nine planets and 27 constellations have been described in the Vedas. Rishi Muniyo has said that nine planets completely influence our life. Each house influences our lives in its own way.when will the war hapand But there is doubt in everyone’s mind regarding Shanidev. when will the war hapand Actually, common people consider Shani Dev as a cruel planet. But Shanidev is the god of justice. Shanidev greatly supports those people who are truthful and who keep walking on the path of justice.

Saturn dasha in any person’s horoscope lasts for 19 years, but according to astrology, Saturn’s Dhaiya and Saturn’s Sadesati affect the horoscope of any person more. Today we discuss in detail about Saturn’s Sadesati.

Identification of Saturn’s Sade Sati

Now let us talk about how Saturn’s Sadesati is identified. In this way, first of all we should see what is our birth sign.when will the war hapand That is, the zodiac sign in which Moon God is situated in our horoscope is our birth sign. Then we have to see in which zodiac sign Saturn is traveling at the time of this transit. Let us tell you that those who know astrology will know that Shanidev is traveling in Aquarius since 2020 and will remain in Aquarius till July 2025.

This means that the zodiac sign before Aquarius is Capricorn and the zodiac sign after Aquarius is Pisces, so Sade Sati is going on in the horoscope of all those people.when will the war hapand For Capricorn people, Sade Sati has started from January 2023 and will last till July 2025. Saturn’s Sade Sati will remain in the horoscope of Aquarius people till December 2027. Whereas in the horoscope of Pisces people, Saturn’s Sade Sati will remain from January 2023 to July 2030.when will the war hapand

For those people whose horoscope has Shanidev Marak or Shanidev is of a low zodiac sign or Shanidev is sitting in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then Sade Sati of Shanidev has negative effects for such people.

For example, Saturn’s Sade Sati is not good for people with Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Sagittarius ascendant and Pisces ascendant, but along with this we also have to keep in mind that at this time only people of Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces zodiac signs are having good health. People are being affected by Saturn’s Sadesati.

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People are being affected by Saturn’s Sadesati

As I told earlier that Shani Dev is the god of justice. Therefore, those who are under the influence of Saturn’s Sade Sati should adopt the path of truth. One should adopt morality while eating tamasic food and should stay away from tamasic people. when will the war hapand One should not consume meat and alcohol and should avoid sexual misconduct.

Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah mantra should be chanted every evening. An oil lamp should be lit in the Shani temple on Saturday evening. Cow food should be fed to the dog daily. The injured dog should be treated. A poor person should be fed food on Saturday. Blankets should be distributed among the poor in winter.when will the war hapand Red or black socks should be donated to the poor during summer.

Astrologer prediction

I want to tell you one more thing that in January 2020, Shanidev had entered his zodiac sign Capricorn and from January 2023, Shanidev came into Aquarius sign and will remain there till July 2025. The countries where Tamasic life is led and animals are killed and eaten will have to face serious consequences.when will the war hapand Shanidev has been very kind to India because India is considered a Guni country, hence by July 2025, India is on the way to become Vishwa Guru.

will be. There is a high possibility of a world war breaking out by July 2025 because Shanidev will now do justice, that is, justice will prevail over injustice. Demon-oriented people and countries will not be able to escape the wrath of Saturn. After July 2025, the beginning of a new era is going to begin.

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