Israel-Hamas war: Slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar raised at Russian airport, Jews shocked to see this demonstration

Israel-Hamas war: Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, a shocking video has emerged from Russia. In the video, some protesters are seen protesting against Jews and Israelis by chanting Allah-Hu-Akbar.

Israel-Hamas War

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A shocking video has emerged from Russia amid the fierce war between Israel and Hamas. On Sunday, a crowd stormed an airport in Dagestan, Russia, after rumors spread that a flight was arriving from Israel.Israel-Hamas war Mobs carrying Palestinian flags attacked passengers at the airport, thinking they were Israelis or Jews. Israel-Hamas war The crowd demanded the Israeli passengers to return to their country.

People were raising slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar

Many protesters were chanting “Allah-hu-Akbar”. Protesters broke airport rules and doors to reach the plane and protest. They thought they were taking Israelis and Jews.

A purported video shared by Visegrad24 shows a man claiming to be from Uzbekistan talking to a crowd demanding to see his passport and phone. Israel-Hamas war Several local Telegram channels showed photos and videos of dozens of people waiting in cars parked outside the airport.

A mob that attacked an airport in Russia’s Dagestan in search of Jews as a plane was landing from Tel Aviv has found its first “suspected Jew”.

Crowd protested against Jewish refugees

In the video, a protester can be seen holding a placard that reads, There is no place for child killers in Dagestan. The crowd also had placards in their hands on which it was written, We are against Jewish refugees.

The Guardian reports that police stood by as hundreds of protesters entered the airport’s main terminal. They entered restricted areas and demanded customs officials to direct incoming passengers towards the crowd.

In #Dagestan, a mob stormed the Makhachkala airport building looking for Jews from a flight arriving from Tel Aviv.

According to reports, officials said in a Telegram message that “the situation is under control.” Some people were injured in the incident, but they did not say how many people or who were injured.

flights stopped

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Immediately after the incident, the Russian aviation agency Rosaviatsiya announced that the airport in Makhachkala had been closed to incoming and outgoing flights and that security forces had arrived at the scene.

At the same time, Rosaviatsiya announced late on Sunday night that the airport has been “freed” from congestion and it has been closed until November 6.

Israel is demanding protection of Jews from the Russian government

After this incident, the Israeli government said that Russia should protect Israeli and Jewish citizens.

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On October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel

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Hamas terrorists had attacked Israel on October 7. Israel-Hamas war The terrorists had killed 1400 Israeli people and kidnapped more than 200 people. In response to this attack, Israel gave a befitting reply to Hamas terrorists. According to reports, more than 8000 people have died so far due to Israel’s attack.

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