Israel became monster for Gaza, piles of dead bodies started in 24 hours,shoking

Israel became monster for Gaza Gaza Strip is being bombed continuously by Israel. And the war is increasing. Israel has not prepared the backward at any cost and the threat from Hamas is continuously increasing.

Israel-Hamas war

Today the war started after 19 days and during this period the number of dead is continuously increasing. In the last 24 hours, Israel carried out heavy bombardment on Gaza Strip. During this, 700 Palestinians died.

The Health Ministry announced the death of 700 people

Israel claims that many Hamas commanders were killed during this period. Israel became monster for Gaza Israel says that it has killed many of its boys by carrying out more than 400 attacks on Hamas. Israel became monster for Gaza It is also dangerous for Israel to carry out ground attacks in Gaza.

A large number of Israeli soldiers are present along the Gaza border with Teko. Israel became monster for Gaza Let us tell you that the whole world is worried about the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel. Israel became monster for Gaza Western countries are with Israel and are saying that they have the right to protect themselve

Now there is no electricity or water in Gaza

Due to the war, people in Gaza are not able to get medicine and water and their gadgets do not even have electricity. Israel became monster for Gaza There is not even the necessary medical equipment for immediate treatment. . India has also sent humanitarian aid to the common people of Gaza. Also, India has made its stand clear with Israel.

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200 Israelis taken hostage

Hamas took more than 200 Israeli people hostage. It is also a challenge for Israel to challenge them. It was said that attacks would continue even after releasing the Israeli hostages.

More than 5700 people have died so far from both sides. It is said that Hamas had launched a rocket attack on Israel on October 7, after which this war had started.

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