Indian Government’s decision to ban BGMI in India was right or wrong, know

So today we are going to talk about a game because of which our new generation was getting spoiled. And many youths had also died because of this game and had also become very mad because while playing this game, they had become so addicted to it that they did not listen to anyone and even forgot to eat. He didn’t even care about the environment in which he was sitting, just playing the whole day and night game called ‘BGMI’, so today we are going to talk about ‘BGMI’ which has been banned in India, but India Apart from this, this game still runs in other countries but it has been banned in India, so let’s know the reason why it was banned? And is this decision right or wrong?

When was BGMI banned in India and why?

So friends will now know that when and why BGMI was banned in India, there are many main reasons behind them. BGMI ie Battleground Mobile India was banned in India on 7 July 2022. There were many reasons behind this, due to which it was banned in India and it was also removed from our main store ‘Play Store’.

There are many reasons behind this, in which, first of all, all the players of Battleground Mobile India liked this game so much that at first they used to play the game only for a few times, but later they used to play this game all day and night. Because of which their parents started worrying about their children because they were so addicted to this game that they did not listen to their parents and started insisting on the phone, even small children started getting spoiled. | And some used to dream about BGMI even in their night dreams and many boys also died.

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Boys behind this game started stealing money from their parents and someone even killed their mother. There are many reasons why it had to be banned from India. Because of this, people’s accounts started getting hacked because before running this game, people had to log in with their e-mail ID and many things had to be filed. But all those people’s data used to go to outside companies, due to which cyber attacks also started increasing, because of all these reasons BGMI has been banned in India.

Was this decision correct?

Now we will talk about this decision whether the Indian government should ban BGMI. If all the above reasons are seen then according to me the decision to ban BGMI in India was absolutely right. Because after banning BGMI, there have been a lot of accidents in our country due to BGMI, like many boys fell from the roof while playing games and boys went mad while playing BGMI. And after banning, cyber attacks have also become effective, so it was right to ban this game in India. What is your opinion about this, tell us in the comment section.

Some recent updates have revealed that there is a big news about Battleground Mobile India that Battleground Mobile India may be launched on Play Store in India very soon.

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