India-Russia bilateral trade to increase, target is to reach $50 billion

India-Russia India will likely deal with itself. Russia wants to work more closely with India in order to hit USD 50 billion. Sergei Cheryomin, head of Moscow’s Department for External Economic and International Relations, is in charge of economic cooperation between Russia and other countries. He has said that Russia wants to grow trade with India to $50 billion per year.

India-Russia bilateral trade to increase

When talking to the reporters about trade between India and Russia, he said something about this.India-Russia He said that India and Russia have been friends for a very long time. Both nations have always worked together. In this case, both countries will be better off.

India and Russia have payment systems that are very similar

Sergei Cheryomin said that India and Russia’s banks will also need to work together more. Aside from that, both countries should move toward using the rupee and the ruble for business. This will make it easy for both of us to deal with pressures from other countries, and each of us will have our own trading platforms.

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He said that India’s payment system, RuPay, and Russia’s payment system, Mir, have a lot in common. By using these tools, both countries can work together a lot more in areas like tourism.

India and Russia can work together more in these areas

India-Russia bilateral trade to increase, target is to reach $50 billion

Cheryomin was on stage at the Russia-India Business Forum talking. He said that India and Russia are the best countries in the world when it comes to space science and are also allies.India-Russia At the Russia-India Business Forum, business leaders, businessmen, government officials, and media people from both countries met.

During the meeting, the two countries talked about ways to work together more on cyber security, business, manufacturing, smart cities, transportation, and health care.

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