In which case was death penalty given in Qatar, and how many Indians are involved?

Case was death penalty given in Qatar: Who are those 8 Indians who have been sentenced to death by Qatar, their names and information about the case against them has been revealed.

Indians punished in Qatar

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Death sentence to former Indian Navy officers Update:
Qatar court has sentenced death to 8 Indians. All these are 8 former Indian Navy officers and employees, who have shocked the country by awarding them the death sentence. There is panic among his family members too.

Giving information, the Indian Foreign Ministry replied that our people are shocked by the decision to impose death penalty in another country. The Ministry is in touch with the families of the 8 Indians and legal was death penalty given in Qatar Who are exploring all legal options to save their people. Let us know who are those eight Indians who have been sentenced to death by Qatar….

  • Captain Navtej Singh Gill
  • Captain Virendra Kumar Verma
  • Captain Saurabh Vashisht
  • Commander Amit Nagpal
  • Commander Purnendu Tiwari
  • commander cooked by singing
  • Commander Sanjeev Gupta
  • Rajeev

In jail since August 2022 on charges of espionage

The eight Indians who have been sentenced to death in Qatar include Commander (retd) Purnendu Tiwari, who has commanded an Indian warship and is the managing director of Al was death penalty given in Qatar All these retired naval officers worked in Doha-based Al Dahra Company, which provided technology and consultancy services.

It also provided training and equipment to Qatar’s navy. The company was run by Khamis Al Ajami, a retired squadron leader of the Oman Air Force. case was death penalty given in Qatar He was arrested along with eight Indians last year but was released in November 2022.

About 75 Indians worked in the company

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It is being told that Al Dahra Company was closed on 31 May 2023. About 75 Indian citizens worked in it, most of whom were was death penalty given in Qatar
After the closure of the company, all these Indians were fired from their jobs. Media reports in Qatar have claimed that eight Indians have been sentenced on charges of spying for Kataav, but Qatar Police and the court have not given clear information about the espionage charges against them. On what basis have the allegations been made? Nothing has been clearly stated about was death penalty given in Qatar These eight Indians were in the custody of Qatar Police since August 2022.

This is how the matter reached the Government of India

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According to the report, Mitu Bhargava, sister of the former naval officer arrested by Qatar Police, had sought help from the Indian was death penalty given in Qatar Mitu had tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 8, 2023, seeking his intervention in this matter. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi received orders to investigate the matter. After this, he conducted an investigation at the level of the Foreign Ministry and found out that eight Indians are in the custody of Qatar Police.

Who is a former naval was death penalty given in Qatar Bail petitions were filed by family members of officers commanding major Indian warships, which were rejected each time. The trial took place on 29 March. The 7th hearing of the case took place on 3 October 2023.

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Asked to leave the country, yet put in jail

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, in August 2022, eight Indians were arrested by Qatar Police on charges of espionage. After this, giving them a chance, everyone was asked to return to their homes in Doha and India, but before they could leave Doha, they were caught again.

On August 30, he was jailed, but Qatari police never told his family on the grounds that he was accused of espionage and when he would be was death penalty given in Qatar When no solution was in sight, his family appealed to the Barat government for was death penalty given in Qatar And this is how the matter came to light.

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