Government living in fear, Japanese bears become violent

Japanese bears: Japan, the 11th most populous country in the world, is facing strange difficulties these days. But the threat to Japan is not from any scientific organization or any terrorist country but from a mute bear.

Bears become violent in Japan

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Let us tell you that bears have become violent in Japan these days, due to which incidents of attacks on local people are coming to the fore.Japanese bears It has been said by the expert that after the severe food and drink problems faced by the bears in Japan, they were becoming violent, due to which now they are attacking humans and making them their prey.

Warning issued after death of 4 elderly people in Japan

On Days Week 4 in Tokyo, Japan, an elderly man was attacked by ferocious bears, after which he died. After the death of 4 elderly people in a bear attack, people living in northern areas of Japan have been warned to stay away from the mountains.
Let us tell you that since the month of April, more than 150 people have become victims of ferocious bears.Japanese bears Not only this, similar figures were also revealed in the year 2020.

Honshu Island records highest number of bear attacks

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According to information revealed by media reports, most of the attacks by bears have been recorded in Japan’s largest island, Shu.Japanese bears The failure of the commanders and the communications of the Bennetts have revealed the biggest and real reason for the spear attacks.

He says that due to shortage of acorns and beans this year, Japanese bears are moving towards Reishi area and also due to lack of food, the local people of the area are hunting them. Appearing in the media, Solo of Environment told that at present the number of bears in Japan is more than 44 thousand.Japanese bears Whereas in the year 2012, the number of bears was 15 thousand.

47 attacks recorded from April to September

In the report released by Japan’s news agency, it has been said that from the month of April to September, a total of 47 cases related to bear attacks have been registered. Among these cases, the largest number of cases were registered in Akita area of Honshu, after Honshu, Iwate and Fukushima. Japanese bears A case was also registered in turn.

After the case of Iwate, the government officials there say that most of the cases related to bear attacks have been seen in those places where the population of people is very high. Along with this, people now carry a bell with them to protect themselves from the attacks of youth. It is said that the reason for carrying a bell with you is that the bears will get scared after hearing the sound of the bell and will return back.

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Warning issued by Environment Ministry

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The government is very worried about bear attacks in Japan. A special appeal was made to the people of Japan by the Environment Ministry of Japan.Japanese bears It has been said in this appeal that you should lock your houses and stay inside. The Ministry has appealed to the people of Japan

So that they take with them the fruits that have fallen on the ground. Japan’s government news agency, through recently organized programs, has told the ways to save the bears if they come face to face. Along with this, you will also be given the argument that in view of the increasing threat of bears in Japan, there has been an increase in the sales of Bell, City Columbia Radio.

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