AI took away jobs of content writers and designers in China, Company is now pushing ChatGPT models

The Chinese media company says it will stop hiring outside copywriters and creatives and instead use AI models like ChatGPT. Customers of the company include Samsung, Canon, and BMW.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has started to make work less secure for people. Many of the biggest names in tech are already worried about this. But it has now begun. A Chinese media and public relations company has chosen to use AI instead of humans to do the work of copywriters and graphic designers. Let us tell you that Goldman Sachs recently issued a warning about AI. He had said that this could cause 300 million jobs to be lost.

Copyright and design will be taken over by AI

Bloomberg says that Blue Focus Intelligent Communication Group will stop hiring outside copywriters and creatives and instead use generative AI models like ChatGPT. In a letter to the staff, the company said this. In the memo, the company said, “We have decided to stop spending money on third-party copyrights, content writers, and designers starting today so we can take advantage of the new wave of AI-generated content.”

stock volatility

When Blue Focus said this, and the news got out, the company’s shares went up by 19%. The very next day, they went down by more than 6%. The Chinese media company says that Samsung, Canon, and BMW are among its clients. The $3 billion business has reportedly reached out to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu Inc. to licence its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

30 crore jobs can go

A study from Goldman Sachs said that generative AI could affect 300 million or 300 million jobs. At least two-thirds of jobs in the US and EU could be taken over by AI-powered machines. According to the study, AI could possibly replace around 300 million full-time jobs. Also, if creative AI works the way it’s supposed to, it could cause big changes in the job market. A fourth of the work that is done now can be done by generative AI alone. That is, many people’s jobs can be found in its JD.

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