A lawsuit of Rs 1 crore filed against the company, the model fell wearing heels

Rs 1 crore filed: This shoe company is very popular among celebrities abroad. It also includes actor George Clooney’s wife Melania Trump, Beyoncé and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

Model Mickelboro unable to wear heels in London

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Such an accident happened with a London model that she reportedly would not be able to wear heels for the rest of her life. After this accident, the fashion worker and model have sued the shoe company for 100,000 pounds. Rs 1 crore filed The model claims that this accident happened to her because of the heels she was wearing from the shoe company.

According to news reports, 31-year-old Chloe Mickelborough was working on an ad shoot at the designer’s base in Milan in 2018. It is reported that she met with an accident while walking on the walkway and fell.

According to statements and news released on social media, the model’s heel was broken in the accident. Rs 1 crore filed He had to spend several days in bed due to severe pain and swelling in his leg. Not only this, it is being claimed that now she will never be able to wear fashionable shoes (especially heels).

Chloe is now suing for up to £100,000 in compensation over the accident, saying she can no longer teach anyone, dance or run.

Shoe company Stella McCartney is opposing this claim. The company has said that a tragic accident has happened to Mickelboro. Rs 1 crore filed Reports say the case is to be heard in Central London County Court.

Stella McCartney Limited Company is a fashion label reportedly run by the 52-year-old designer, the daughter of Beatle Paul and his late wife Linda. Rs 1 crore filed This label is quite popular among celebrities.

It also includes actor George Clooney’s wife Melania Trump, Beyoncé and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. Their recent annual turnover is over £32.5 million.

Had to give an interview for the company

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Model Mickelboro was also working for the company. She was managing the social media department of the company. Rs 1 crore filed In June 2018, he was injured in a showroom on Via Vincenzo Forcella in Milan.

It was reported that they were to shoot an interview with senior label company executives Andrew Dershaw and Ida Simonsen. Rs 1 crore filed According to court filings, Mickelboro was planning to film the interview on the second floor “walkway.”

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Two operations in two years

According to his lawyer Michael Patrick, the accident happened on the “walkway”. She could not support her weight and fell straight down to the first floor. Mickelboro suffered a fracture in his left heel, which required surgery. Rs 1 crore filed A screw was inserted into the broken bone.

Another operation was required two years later to correct this, however, many symptoms persist even after the operation. Rs 1 crore filed There is pain, swelling and stiffness in his left leg.

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