70 tons of cocaine sent to Armenia via Italy, dog found between bananas, praised

70 tons of cocaine A dog helped Italian cops find a huge shipment of drugs. Officials said on Tuesday that this dog helped the Italian police find 2700 kilos of drugs hidden in a pile of bananas that were sent from Ecuador. 70 tons of cocaine A huge amount of drugs were hidden in 70 tons of bananas. The police think that this high-quality cocaine will sell on the foreign market for $900 million (about Rs 7200 crore).

A shipment of about 8.8 tonnes of cocaine that was being hidden between piles of bananas was seized. This was a big blow to the world’s top ten drug dealers. 70 tons of cocaine The value of the seized cocaine on the international market is believed to be 330 million dollars, or 27,27,91,86,000 Indian rupees (International Drug Racket Busted).

70 tons of cocaine sent to Armenia via Italy

70 tons of cocaine sent to Armenia via Italy, dog found between bananas, praised

In recent years, it may have been the largest shipment of drugs caught anywhere in the world. The drug cartels around the world have been hurt by the fact that the shipment was caught.70 tons of cocaine The cops in Ecuador caught this shipment of a drug that is more dangerous and costs more than cocaine. 70 tons of cocaine The package of this drug was going to be sent to some European countries through Belgium. 70 tons of cocaine This big shipment of drugs was hidden in between piles of bananas.

Reports say that this package of drugs was going to Armenia through Italy. When two containers arrived at Gioia Tauro Port, the police found something suspicious about them, so they chose to search them. 70 tons of cocaine In fact, the cops knew that the company that sent these bananas had never before sent such a large number of fruits. 70 tons of cocaine The police then asked a dog named Joel to help them. Joel sniffed out crates of cocaine in a big pile of bananas.

All of these facts have also been confirmed by Ecuador Police Officer Commander Fausto Salinas, who talked to the local media about them. 70 tons of cocaine Continuing to talk about the scam, he asked how much the price would have gone up or reached at the border of Europe if this shipment had been sent there.

It would have been hard to guess at all. It’s important to note that the smuggling of high-quality cocaine made in Peru and Colombia, which is close by and shares a border with the South American country, has grown a lot in the last few years. 70 tons of cocaine This is because the high quality of this cocaine is getting it its asking price. 70 tons of cocaine On the foreign market, there are always good chances.

70 tons of cocaine sent to Armenia via Italy, dog found between bananas, praised

That means the drugs would have made it to Armenia

Police said that as soon as Joel got close to the box, he jumped up and quickly started moving the bananas out of the way. Officials say that if Joel hadn’t smelled the drugs, they would have made it to Armenia through Italy and Georgia. Since 2021, the officials at this port have seized 37 tons of cocaine worth thousands of crores on the international market. Tell them that drugs are carried from Ecuador and other South American countries to all parts of the world.

The whole world was shocked when the package was taken

If we talk about how much 8.8 tons of cocaine is worth in pounds, this price can go as high as 275 million pounds. Which amounts to billions of Indian dollars. More than 200 A-level drugs were also found in Ecuador itself last year. Most of them were found at the port in Guayaquil. People all over the world are shocked that so much cocaine was found in a pile of bananas.

But the police and government of Ecuador are not surprised by this. Because Ecuador is the only country in the world where the most bananas are grown. This is why drugs and drugs that are against the law are often hidden in banana shipments. So, the cops and other agencies in Ecuador always keep a close eye on how bananas move around.

During the tour, a lot of fish were caught

The bad news is that this big shipment of drugs headed to Belgium was caught when Annelies Verlinden, the Belgian interior minister, and Ylva Johansson, the European commissioner for home affairs, were in Ecuador and Colombia.

The other reason these two people went to Belgium was to talk about how to stop drug trade. This is because Belgium has caught even bigger shipments of drugs at its borders. When Anneliese Verlinden, the Belgian Minister of the Interior, heard that the police in Ecuador had seized such a large amount of cocaine, she was shocked.

70 tons of cocaine sent to Armenia via Italy, dog found between bananas, praised

After this shipment of drugs was found, the head of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Alexis Gosdel, said, “The growing flow of cocaine now risks the whole of the European Union. I’m worried that the growth of the EU cocaine market is making the public and government more violent and crooked.

It’s important to point out that the way the black market for drugs and drug crime has grown in Ecuador is bad for more than just the EU or a few other countries. But it could be a problem for the world’s children and grandchildren.

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