5500 deliveries a month, UN expressed concern, what will UN do about 50 thousand women trapped in Gaza?

UN expressed concern: United Nations Population Fund said that there is a shortage of medicine and basic equipment in Gaza’s hospitals.

50 thousand pregnant women trapped in Gaza amid Israel-Hamas war United Nations expressed concern: Amidst Israel’s ongoing retaliatory action on Hamas, news has come to light that about 50 thousand pregnant women are trapped in Gaza.

Israel-Hamas 50 thousand pregnant women trapped in Gaza in the war

pregnant women

It is being told that these Of the women, 5500 women are going to deliver next month. After the reports came out, the United Nations has expressed concern over the situation of women.

The United Nations said that more than 5500 pregnant women are going to give birth in the next 30 days.

Let us tell you that last week a pregnant woman was killed in an Israeli attack. Even after this, the woman was successfully delivered through emergency cesarean operation.UN expressed concern, According to the Mirror report, many pregnant women are trapped in Gaza, who are having to deliver their babies on the hospital floor.

It is said that due to the ongoing attacks by Israel, the health care system in Gaza has collapsed. Hundreds of people there have been forced to leave their homes and are looking for safe ways to give birth to children.

Told the stories of the victims

Niven al-Barbari, 33, is due to give birth to her first child next week but has lost contact with doctors because of the constant bombing.UN expressed concern, Al-Barbari said that every day I have to think about how and where I will give birth to the child? The bombs did not stop and no human being, tree or stone was spared. Don’t know whose house will be destroyed, who will die? I just hope that me and my child are safe.

She said that after the pictures that have come after the attack, I have to think about my child, I am very scared.UN expressed concern,I pray every day for the war to end to save my child from these missiles. The woman said that whenever she hears about Israeli air strikes, she starts having pain in her back and stomach.

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The woman said – she used to go to the specialist before the war started

The woman told that I am a sugar and high blood pressure patient.UN expressed concern, She visited the specialist regularly before the war began on 7 October. UN expressed concern, When the bombing started I had to take shelter at home and lost contact with the doctor.

Another 30-year-old pregnant woman said she hid as the bombs fell and said the move felt like a race against death. On the other hand, Dr. Walid Abu Hatab, consultant of Nasser Medical Complex, said that displaced women have to change health centers. Due to which their care is affected.

The United Nations Population Fund said that hospitals lack medicine and infrastructure. The United Nations has called for immediate health care and protection for pregnant women. UN expressed concern,Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kane said that thousands of women who are about to give birth are sick and seriously injured. They are being forcibly evicted from their homes, with no one to turn to, no safe place, no food and water.

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